jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Blog launching!

2015 is the year I stated out loud that I wanted to start a blog. A knitting blog to be more precise.

With January nearing its end, I was getting a little anxious, thinking I'd never get around to actually writing a first post... So here it is!

My intention is mainly to share my passion for knitting. With this in mind, I want to share my Wips (work in progress), upcoming projects, inspiring knits and designers that I find,  yarn purchase and so on.

As I stated on Ravelry, I'm a Librarian now teaching in Cégep (college), I also teach yoga and work a little in my LYS (local yarn store).Those who know me well will in fact recognize my Blog name as being my yoga teacher name. Gita Giri. Gita means song and Giri means mountain. Together, they symbolize both my soft and strong sides. Feminine and masculine, balanced.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for this blog, but I'm thinking I might bring a little bit of everything that makes me happy : yarn, food, yoga.... we'll see!

I feel a little nervous, because I read some truly awesome knitting blogs and I feel like such a newbie in comparaison! ;) But that's another subject post I'm keeping for later : my favourite blogs and websites.
Today I'm going to leave you on these pictures of Jaywalkers socks that I gifted to my very dear friend Christine. She is a little gem in the landscape of this smalltown/suburb/countryside mashup
that is Trois-Rivières and I'm so grateful to have her in my life!
Jaywalker by Grumperina in

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