dimanche 24 mai 2015

Dessine-moi un mouton!

I was pretty quiet about this one, with the exception of a yarn delivery mention in this post. But I did order yarn from Denmark specifically for this pattern.
Dessine-Moi Un Mouton par La Maison Rililie
Like I said on my project page, I purchased the main colour, Nougat in Supersoft 100% uld and a Shade bag of Noble, which included five colours. I figured I would be able to blend two other stripes of stash yarn, and I did. The shiitake and the orange do go really well with the other colours.

I love the many details of this pullover, like the combination of stockinette and broken seed stitch stripes, or the contrast colour cast of.
I fell hard for Holst Supersoft... It's woolly and light as a feather! The texture of this yarn is great and because it's so light, the yardage is really generous. It may seem a little shapeless on the hanger, but it actually falls really nicely on me. The light was just a little poor and everchanging this weekend. But I know I'll wear this a lot, so I should be able to get some photos of me wearing it soon enough.

I'm so glad I finally finished a Rililie pattern. They are awesome. Full of interesting little details that keep your mind busy. Her constructions are genious and fits are perfect. On my needles, I have her BlueSand Cardigan that is also very nice. But it's a loooooot of stockinette stitch.

lundi 11 mai 2015

FO : Levenwick

I finished my pretty pink cardigan a week and a half ago, but managed to find the right buttons and sew them on last thursday. I brought it to the store and asked my friend Christine to take a few pictures of me with it. Turns out, the sun in my face didn't offer the best light, but it's still cute, I guess...

Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston

When I blogged about it last time, I said I wasn't sold on the composition of this yarn. Well, even after blocking, with a bit of conditionner and all, it's still a little itchy. Don't get me wrong, I love a good woolly yarn, but in this case, it's wool, alpaca and viscose, and I suspect that the wool part is a very rustic one. The colour is gorgeous though and it's still very wearable! 

I somehow forgot to sew the cute little pocket, so maybe I'll take some better pictures soon when it's really done.

Here are some photos on a sewing model :

I really like how the yellow buttons match the little speckles in the tweed, even though we can't really see it in these photos.

The background for these mannequin shots is a brand new LYS/cafe established as a coop by my friends and I. It has kept me super busy for the past three months, but it's now coming along nicely and I'm so thrilled! I'll give you more info as soon as we're up and running.