dimanche 12 mars 2017

Rainbow Kerchief

I'm a big fan of anything Kauni. Proof here and a Funky Grandpa in the works...

The most popular colourway (by far) is the EQ rainbow. It's crazy, but so impressive. I had to knit it up and I chose to tame it down with some neutral grey alpaca. Here is the result :
I used UandIKnit’s Silk Garden Classic as inspiration for this shawl. I wanted something simple to feature the gradient. The pattern is not available anymore, but it's a fairly intuitive design.
Like I wrote on my project page, I find the spine is a little too deep and wish I went for a crescent shape, but I still like it very much. Although the middle length is hanging, it holds itself real well (thank you wool and alpaca!) and stays in place however I chose to wear it.
I used the remaining of my Kauni to make tassels that I love! I think they're cute and they help tie up my shawl when I head out in the cold. 
My Kauni obsession is not over and I long for an intricate stranded and steeked cardigan. I'm off to search for patterns yet again! 

mardi 14 février 2017


I made yet another scrappy Westknits sweater!  The pattern is Reis by Stephen West.
For this project, I went through my stash and pulled all the light worsted, dk, sport and even a bit of fingering weight. I used a lot of cascade 220 superwash for the base (bright purple, blue-green and light grey), along with superwash merino and alpaca/llama. My background was always made of solid colours, and the texture with variegated or gradients.
I started this in October, made the cast on, a few rows and let it sit in a basket for a while. I wasn't convinced that the shape would suit me well, and wasn't sold on the purple. Going through my stash again convinced me that I had enough fun colours to make this work. And it turns out I love the fit! It's boxy, with fitted sleeves and the perfect yoke.
I made it smaller than the pattern suggests for the smallest size. Details can be found on my project page. I didn't change much otherwise. I tought about making short rows to elevate the back, but it didn't really need it. 
I'm always on the lookout for new ideas on how to use leftover yarns from past projects, so I guess it's fair to say that I'm not done with this kind of process yet (I might never be!). T

samedi 31 décembre 2016


Here is the Christmas gift I made for my boyfriend. He loves it and even cuddles with it in the morning. I feel blessed to have an artsy man in my life who appreciates the colours, textures and overall beauty of my crafts. 

The pattern I used is from Lalylala and is called Fibi. I liked that name, but Pascal renamed it Rififi, so there you go. 
I used Jawoll super wash tweed for the orange and black, because I wanted to get that tweedy effect. I'm not crazy about the striping effect, but at least it's subtle.  
I loved crocheting this doll! The pattern is really well done and clear, with lots of explanations and layouts. The small parts make this project perfect to carry around and allows you to work on small batches. Although I needed to concentrate and count for many rows. The use of removable stitch markers helps in this matter. 
I'm already working on a dragon by the same designer for my godson in Julie Asselin Piccolo. I'll switch the wool roving for poly for this one, since I figure my in-laws with throw it in the machine eventually.

mercredi 7 décembre 2016

A 2 years throw!

Well, almost! Ravelry informed me that I started this on February 6th 2015 and I blocked this on Sunday. 
I had also blogged about this here. I realize now I never kept anyone posted on the progress. I'm not so good with sharing my WIPs these days. :/
Of course, in the mean time, it stayed folded for months... I picked it up now and then to add a few squares or borders. 

When we cleaned the shelf where it sat since July, I knew it was time to get it over with! So I crocheted the remaining square, added borders to the few missing and joined the whole thing.

It was lovely. I had a lot of fun putting the pieces together and didn't worry too much with the colours repeating (or not). 

I'm a real Noro fan and the blanket is a tribute to that. It'll sit nicely on my lap for years to come and I sure will continue to stare amazed by the colours. 

vendredi 18 novembre 2016

Westknits Mystery KAL 2016

My Building Blocks from Stephen West has been finished for a while now, but I never had time to capture it during daylight.

Yesterday I did.
I'm really pleased with my colour combination. The blues are easy to wear and to pair with my clothing. I had initially planned on using some very loud colours, but during the first clue, I kept looking at my mix of colours and didn't enjoy it. So I frogged and started again with these. 

The shawl is easy to wear as a stole or a scarf. I made the small exactly for that reason. I wanted something not too big to wrap around my neck. I own many big knitted or crocheted shawls and needed something clean, classic and light. Mission accomplished! 
I often restrain myself from wearing my knits to make sure I have proper pictures, so now I'm glad I can wear it out as much as I want! 

The whole process was very enjoyable and it's always motivating to push yourself through a deadline.  I must admit though that I found the last two clues to be a little on the dull side. I saw some clients at my LYS who were very happy to learn something new, but us gals who know I-cord and chevrons it was a little repetitive. 

That being said, I still think it makes one pretty shawl and will wear it with pride!

lundi 26 septembre 2016


As one of the owner of a local yarn shop called Pompon Laine Café, I planned a KAL with my two fellow coop admin. We selected Justyna Lorkowska, because : 1. her designs are beautiful and inspiring, 2. the projects and difficulty levels have a large spectrum. 
It was only natural that I make my pick among the options of patterns to knit and, because we had some brand new Fino Simple by Julie Asselin, in the new Echo colourway, I chose Nogat. The designer had made it with Fino, but the only difference is plied vs one ply. It's a dream to knit with and to wear!
I alternated skeins every other rows to prevent pooling and because my colours didn't match perfectly. 
Our window of time was between August 9th and September 17th, which was enough to knit a fingering weight sweater (if properly motivated!). I found that the combination of lace, cables and garter really helped me to get through the knitting, which is something I should keep in mind for future projects!
I pretty much followed the pattern, but made my sleeves 3/4, as I usually do, and did less repeats of the body pattern. 
I like the deep neckline and the pretty details in front. I'm also glad I did the short rows in the back, they make the sweater sit nicely around the bum. It is not a complicated sweater. I had the chart memorized after one or two repeats.
I can't believe this is the first knitted piece I own by Letesknits! I should really get more as I love her style and follow her with great pleasure.

jeudi 22 septembre 2016

Dotted Rays

 Here is the most recent addition to my shawl collection. Dotted Rays by Stephen West.
I felt urged to cast on for the #dottedrayskal by Stephen West in July, but didn't make it to the deadline in time. Other wips got in the way. I picked it up again in early September and added the three last wedges. 
Perfect for TV binge watching, as it's easy peasy garter stitch all the way. I knit this all from stash yarn and didn't bother too much with my sequencing and pairing of colours. My logic was more of a "make the most of that little ball of yarn". So I organized my stash from small amount to larger (but all leftovers) and used the tiny bits for the thin holey stripes. 
Can you tell I had fun during the photoshoot? The light, the colours and my black tunic played together so well. They are my favourite FO shots to date!
One of the things I love about this shawl, like all stash busting project, is that there is a memory attached to each little pieces of yarn. Together, they tell a story of past knitting. 

It contains about 220 g of yarn, but knit on 4,5 mm, it is light and drapey. I still have some more leftovers to play with, but I did finish a fair amount too. What will be next in the stash busting word of knitting? We'll see!

More pictures and details here