mercredi 10 mai 2017

My Cotton Sheep!

I knit my first Dessine-moi un mouton almost two years ago to the date. It's one of Rililie's most famous design and it's no wonder. What a lovely pattern to play with fun colour stripes!
When we received the brand new Mondial Bio Soft Cotton, it looked so good stacked on the shelf that I felt the urge to combine some of the colours for a sweater and figured I could use a Dessine-moi un mouton in cotton... 
I used a few Mandarin Petit by Sandnes Garn, including the main colour. It was such a fun and addictive project! That broken seed stitch done in two colours always looks good.
I knit the pattern in size M to account for the texture of the cotton and because my first wooly version is a tad small. I also added a few rows before getting on to the border. I decreased a lot more in the sleeves, but I find I almost always have to with Rililie's pattern, maybe because of a different gauge and/or tension. It just means you have to keep on tryin' those sleeves until they fit!
I'm glad to report that the sweater was such a success that both my LYS partner and two customers are working on their cotton versions as well! If that's not the best compliment a knitter can receive, I don't know what is! ;)

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