lundi 26 juin 2017

Find Your Fade

Since we are doing the #kalpomponfade at our LYS, I decided to kick myself in the butt and gather enough stash yarn to make a Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry
I'll have to figure out a way to picture the entire shawl in a pretty way. Maybe a clothesline or a fence... For now, let's look at it in chunks. 
As I stated on my project page, I used only stash yarn for this one, but I ran out quite a few times. I wasn't sure about the various colours, but I like the effect. It's subtle in a light pink in the middle, with deeper and more saturated colours at the tips. 

It is huge! Everyone says it is, and it's true. Being a loose knitter, I made sure I didn't stretch it during blocking, but garter stitch has a will of its own! If I were to knit this again, I would take the calculator out and take off some of the garter stitch rows to make it smaller while still ending the same way. 
This piece will serve as a wrap and blanket in the sofa for sure! It is so cosy and soft. Can't wait to wear it outside when it gets more chilly.
I am not done with the #kalpomponfade and fading in general. While I'm writing this, I'm already knitting my third SoFaded sweater and I intend to make the Pint-sized for my goddaughter.

It's a wrap!

My Joji MKAL is done now! That Starting Point pattern, by Joji Locatelli, was a big commitment! 5 weeks of knitting on 5 skeins and very little left (I'll weight and update my Ravelry project page).
I wasn't sure I would take part, until the first clue was out and I looked at the spoilers to find that the colour changes happened frequently. That really did it for me, so I went through my stash and cast on. 
But I wasn't happy with my first pick. It was too busy and I felt I needed a more classic look for this wrap. I own a great deal of colour crazy shawls... Proof here, here and here
So I frogged my first attempt and purchased five new skeins from our shop! I'm very happy with my gradient from natural to Mouton noir (a blueish black). The other upside is that most of the content is local : two Julie Asselin and one Sweet Paprika. Again, all details on my yarns are listed on my project page
Everything is smooth and soft and a pleasure to wear. The process wasn't bad either, but let's just say I was grateful to attend all these congresses and conferences those 5 weeks as it was a loooot of garter stitches!
Folded, it looks like a blanket. Well, extended too! If I doubled the size in width I'd have a bedcover!
Looking forward to wearing it in many, many different ways, including snuggled in front of tv with my knitting!

mercredi 10 mai 2017

My Cotton Sheep!

I knit my first Dessine-moi un mouton almost two years ago to the date. It's one of Rililie's most famous design and it's no wonder. What a lovely pattern to play with fun colour stripes!
When we received the brand new Mondial Bio Soft Cotton, it looked so good stacked on the shelf that I felt the urge to combine some of the colours for a sweater and figured I could use a Dessine-moi un mouton in cotton... 
I used a few Mandarin Petit by Sandnes Garn, including the main colour. It was such a fun and addictive project! That broken seed stitch done in two colours always looks good.
I knit the pattern in size M to account for the texture of the cotton and because my first wooly version is a tad small. I also added a few rows before getting on to the border. I decreased a lot more in the sleeves, but I find I almost always have to with Rililie's pattern, maybe because of a different gauge and/or tension. It just means you have to keep on tryin' those sleeves until they fit!
I'm glad to report that the sweater was such a success that both my LYS partner and two customers are working on their cotton versions as well! If that's not the best compliment a knitter can receive, I don't know what is! ;)

dimanche 12 mars 2017

Rainbow Kerchief

I'm a big fan of anything Kauni. Proof here and a Funky Grandpa in the works...

The most popular colourway (by far) is the EQ rainbow. It's crazy, but so impressive. I had to knit it up and I chose to tame it down with some neutral grey alpaca. Here is the result :
I used UandIKnit’s Silk Garden Classic as inspiration for this shawl. I wanted something simple to feature the gradient. The pattern is not available anymore, but it's a fairly intuitive design.
Like I wrote on my project page, I find the spine is a little too deep and wish I went for a crescent shape, but I still like it very much. Although the middle length is hanging, it holds itself real well (thank you wool and alpaca!) and stays in place however I chose to wear it.
I used the remaining of my Kauni to make tassels that I love! I think they're cute and they help tie up my shawl when I head out in the cold. 
My Kauni obsession is not over and I long for an intricate stranded and steeked cardigan. I'm off to search for patterns yet again! 

mardi 14 février 2017


I made yet another scrappy Westknits sweater!  The pattern is Reis by Stephen West.
For this project, I went through my stash and pulled all the light worsted, dk, sport and even a bit of fingering weight. I used a lot of cascade 220 superwash for the base (bright purple, blue-green and light grey), along with superwash merino and alpaca/llama. My background was always made of solid colours, and the texture with variegated or gradients.
I started this in October, made the cast on, a few rows and let it sit in a basket for a while. I wasn't convinced that the shape would suit me well, and wasn't sold on the purple. Going through my stash again convinced me that I had enough fun colours to make this work. And it turns out I love the fit! It's boxy, with fitted sleeves and the perfect yoke.
I made it smaller than the pattern suggests for the smallest size. Details can be found on my project page. I didn't change much otherwise. I tought about making short rows to elevate the back, but it didn't really need it. 
I'm always on the lookout for new ideas on how to use leftover yarns from past projects, so I guess it's fair to say that I'm not done with this kind of process yet (I might never be!). T