lundi 22 juin 2015

Lumpy Space (finally!)

I started knitting this shawl last summer (almost a year ago) with stash yarn. But it was way too busy for me and the Noro piece in the center made it really ugly (to my taste anyway). So I frogged the whole thing and used bits and pieces for a real crazy Enchanted Mesa that I have yet to photograph and that contains a rainbow array of colours, all from stash yarn!

But back to this Lumpy Space... I started an another one during fall, but then again, got stuck to a place where adding a new colour made the shawl look like candy. So I put it aside. 

Then I found myself clearing the yarn and project space of my living room and decided to put the various UFOs in bags and boxes (recycling these). This actually encouraged me to finish a few of them! For instance, I picked up my BlueSand Cardigan and just kept on knitting. Same for my Vitamin D. Now if only I could take some time to photograph it all! Meh, I'll get around to it now that I'm officially on holiday.

I took my half done Lumpy to the store and picked the colour to make it perfect. Thanks mom for your good eye for colours! ;)

This is what happened : 
Lumpy Space by Stephen West
I didn't block it yet, hence the wrinkled look. But it's already big enough, so no need to stretch it for now! Here's a full view :
And a funny picture with my dog sneaking in the back!
One of my favourite element on the shawl, is the gradient set I used. It's Julie Asselin' s Leizu Fingering in the Manoir colourway. I love it with the Sand Dune colour of the picot bind off.
More on the other projects real soon and happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste to all Quebecers out there!

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