lundi 19 octobre 2015


I already own one sweater designed by Josée Paquin from UandIKnit, it's called Raj-esque and it's fabulous! Knit in Leizu DK by Julie Asselin, you can see it in this picture.
I really love Josée's designs. You can see from browsing through the projects that her garments fit very well and are flattering for a lot of shapes and figures. To me, this is always a good sign.

Looking at our shelves of Sylvan Spirit from Green Moutain Spinnery, I developped a big crush on the Peach Beryl colour. And decided to cast on for a Laurie.
I followed the pattern to a T, even though the fabric of my sweater is way lighter. This yarn is half american wool, half Tencel. So the drape is really nice, but it weights like nothing.
Like I mentioned on my project page, this pattern is quite simple. There is minimal shaping, but a few short rows here and there. A little bit to deepen the front neckline and a lot more to make a longer back.
I really played yarn chicken with this one. I had a few skeins put on the side, but nearing the end, I became very enthusiastic about ending the sweater with only 5 skeins and didn't feel like breaking into a new one for just a few grams. On my second sleeve, I decided to undo half of the cuff on the first one (I had made it a little long in ribbing anyway) and use it for the second.
You would think I used a filter in these pictures, but no. Just some good old autumn light!

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