lundi 16 novembre 2015

Slow vs Quick

One of the many things I like about knitting, is the fact that you can vary your projects in endless ways. You can knit from cobweb to superbulky weight, changing needles accordingly (or not). You can go super speedy and produce a rewarding one-evening-FO or carry a project for weeks if not months! Different fiber types and textures also bring novelty to the craft. Playing with techniques and construction will then change the experience of knitting all over again. 

All these variables, and many more, I'm sure, make me enjoy the process and allow me to stay tuned! 

The two FOs that I'll be sharing today are very different in length, but are both a pleasure to knit and wear!

I did this wrap within a very reasonable window of time, but it was still a slow process in the sense that I had to repeat the same section 10 times. 
If it had been a solid one colour project, it would probably be still sitting onto a pile of WIPs, but since it featured two sets of gradients, the ever-changing colours kept me going. That and the fact that the design combined lace and garter. It's a very relaxing knit.
The pattern is called Inara Wrap and is designed to use two sets of gradients of either four, five or six colours. Mine used five greys and five pinks and I had to modify it slightly to make sure I didn't run out of yarn. You can see my mods in my project page, along with many more photos.

Then there are those super fast rewarding projects that you knit in one sitting, watching a few episodes of your new favourite TV series! Arika Cowl by Jane Richmond is one of them. To be fair, I admit that I cast on for this yesterday pm. I did some more ribbing after diner and all of the lace while watching two episodes of Gotham (not a favourite, but good enough for knitting). I blocked it before 11 pm, leaving the sewing and fringes for breakfast. And voilà! 
This cowl is genius! It's basically a ribbed scarf that grows into lace and is then attached. You add fringes to the piece and it becomes this awesome shawl/cowl that is just so fashionable and comfy.
My yarn is a very orange tweedy mix of Merino, Alpaca and Rayon and is so soft. Too bad it's discontinued. Next time, I want to knit Arika in Cascade Ecological Wool. I saw Jane Richmond did one and it looks perfect!

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