samedi 11 juin 2016

Four Seasons

I joined this KAL back in January, very curious to see what sort of mystery shawl Alana Dakos, from Never not Knitting, had in mind for us. 

Although the pattern is super lovely, I felt exhausted after a while... so many cables to knit and too many repetitions of the same sort of motifs for my little mind. I really do need some variations in my knitting to keep me going. 
So I left it in a project bag for a while. Then last month, I put the needles back on the cable and knit the second half. I kind of like this process anyway. I feel like it allows me to split these big endeavours in parts. 
The yarn I picked for my shawl is Cascade 220 SW in Lake Chelan. I wouldn't normally pick a super wash yarn for this kind of accessory, but at the time, my hands were hurting pretty bad from eczema and I needed something smooth. It falls nicely and the texture is fine, but it does make it a little too bouncy for my taste. 
If the cables drove me crazy at times, I have to admit they look pretty darn good! And the lace section is really pretty. That's the thing with mystery projects, you never know what to expect... I probably wouldn't have knit this big shawl if I had seen the picture beforehand, but now that I committed to it, I'm glad it's in my wardrobe!

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