samedi 31 décembre 2016


Here is the Christmas gift I made for my boyfriend. He loves it and even cuddles with it in the morning. I feel blessed to have an artsy man in my life who appreciates the colours, textures and overall beauty of my crafts. 

The pattern I used is from Lalylala and is called Fibi. I liked that name, but Pascal renamed it Rififi, so there you go. 
I used Jawoll super wash tweed for the orange and black, because I wanted to get that tweedy effect. I'm not crazy about the striping effect, but at least it's subtle.  
I loved crocheting this doll! The pattern is really well done and clear, with lots of explanations and layouts. The small parts make this project perfect to carry around and allows you to work on small batches. Although I needed to concentrate and count for many rows. The use of removable stitch markers helps in this matter. 
I'm already working on a dragon by the same designer for my godson in Julie Asselin Piccolo. I'll switch the wool roving for poly for this one, since I figure my in-laws with throw it in the machine eventually.

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