mercredi 11 mars 2015

Change of plan

My Follow Your Arrow 2 shawl is done! 

Pattern by Ysolda Teague

For the past weeks, I was so close to the finish line, but had put the project on the side, frustrated that my yarn was ending in the lace section. I thought about doing the knitted on border at first, but it soon became obvious that it would be silly to change yarn on this kind of applied border.

In a sulk I even considered frogging the whole thing when my boss told me to just pick a yarn and finish it! So last night I did. I used Milis by Julie Asselin in the Poivre colourway. I was a little annoyed with the change for the first few rows, but it was slowly growing on me. At one o'clock, when I managed to block the tiny lump into a decent shawl, I was super happy with my combination of Tomato and Poivre!

Yes, I forgot to mention that the main yarn is Jill Draper Esopus in Heritage Tomato.

You can see the change of colour upclose

Another change of plan, or change of heart, was with the Shalom Cardigan I knited in the past two weeks. It was a fun, quick and beautiful project and I was very happy with the result. That is until I put it on my little sister. The fit was even better on her. And since it was her birthday, I decided to gift it to her alongside some money for her big upcoming trip in Southeast Asia.

I had no time to take proper pictures of her, so here are some super quick iPhone ones of her in the doorway, heading to work.

Pattern by Meghan McFarlane
I guess it's important to keep an open mind about knitted projects and be somewhat detached with the outcome too. Dear yoga, you are all around! OM

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