mercredi 4 mars 2015

Stash diving

I love buying yarn. Heading to a local yarn store - I try to purchase mainly from retailers here in Quebec - and wandering accross the displays of colours, brands, weight... 

Sometimes, you find a colourway or a material (or both!), that you just have to buy. Even if you don't have a specific project or pattern in mind. 

Other times you're searching for the perfect match for that design you've been eyeing. Unless you're a very pragmatic and efficient person who buys a specific amount of yarn for one particular project that she sees through, from cast on to cast off, you'll end up with stash yarn. 

Personnally, I buy yarn for which I either have a project in mind, or don't. Plus, I allow myself to change my mind and cast on something entirely different than what I first intended, like I mentionned here

Julie Asselin Milis purchase from Fall
Bearing all this in mind, I was very proud to find myself knitting with stash yarn all week! 
Two projects were done in Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran Weight from my Etsy purchase of  December 26th. One Framed Slouch hat in Mosaic and a Dune cowl in Slate. This yarn is a pleasure to knit with : great texture and stitch definition.

Patterns by Tanis Lavallée and Sandrine C.
Last night I also picked up some Fleece Artist Sea Wool, that had been knitted and frogged so many times, and decided to do a lightweight version of the Zuzu's Petals I had initially knitted for my LYS in Cascade Casablanca.
Pattern by Carina Spencer
 Charlotte keeps following me around the house when I take pictures. So I allowed her to pose for this one. She steals the show in this photo, but the yarn is delicious. It's a nice toffee colour.

Last, but not least, this morning I impulsively cast on for the SKA Myster Mock KAL. Fun! I did one last year and thought it would be nice to kind of make it a tradition. So I picked some Sweet Paprika Designs Pizzicato in Pink Clover that I purchased at Tricoté serré last summer. This yarn is pretty. I rarely knit in pink and now I really wonder why. The BFL content makes it woolly, which pleases me a lot. It's a nice change from those Merino SW yarns. This is my teeny project so far.
Pattern by Adrienne Fong
I like KALs. They keep you motivated to go through a project when, like me, you have a tendancy to put wips on the side for a while.

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