mercredi 22 avril 2015

Sweater knitting

This is something that really bugs my friends... I've been knitting sweaters like a maniac for the past six months and managed to produce a fair amount of pullovers and cardigans. Ever since I found out how quick it could be when you just kept on knitting, I've stopped being afraid and tackled those projetcs head first.

The knitters around me sometimes sigh with exasperation and get frustrated that I have started yet another big piece. But there's no getting me down! I love the process nevertheless and am always thrilled to find a new sweater to cast on.

Since I finished my Lady Sunnyside I decided to reward myself with a new sweater cast on. This one :

Papillon by Svetlana Volkova
It may not look like much, all cramped on the cable, but it's beautiful! Love the pattern and yarn combination. I bought two little skeins of Rimu Special Edition DK at Marie Mode Tricot when I last visited my family, but then I decided to cast on for a sweater, so I asked Marie to save a few more for me. Now I can't wait to get them!

I was looking for a pullover with a centered panel of lace and found it. It's a pleasure to knit and even though I love it in a warm fiber, I can see myself making one in cotton for the summer.

Since I had to wait for yarn anyway, I figured I could start my Refined Driftwood as well.

Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer
A nice and casual Henley sweater made of Kauni Solids and Effektgarn. This yarn is a little oily, so I'm very curious to see how it will block and drape. Speaking of drape, I should get something light and smooth, because my gauge with 3.5 mm is a kind of loose. I don't worry too much though, since it's meant to have some positive ease. Oh, and you gotta love those blues!

Last off, and just to make sure I never get bored, I started a Levenwick in Grignasco Loden. I've been eyeing this pattern for far too long (what a great excuse!) and got the yarn for a ridiculous price. It has that perfect tweed effect, but I'm not sold on the composition as of now.

Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston

I'll leave you with a close-up featuring my dear Tumi...


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