vendredi 3 avril 2015

Lavender on a foggy morning

Wolf River and Lady Sunnyside
Last night I proudly finished this really cool sweater on the left. I used Cascade Eco+ in Lavender. I had this yarn in my stash and could never figure out what to knit whith it. But this is it. When I saw the pattern on Ravely, and then on Tanis blog post, I knew I wanted it.

And I am super pleased with the result! Such a nice fit and easy to wear piece. The process was very enjoyable as well. Two panels of lace, twisted rib, learning the tubular cast off : good times.

Boy do I look tired, though! And I am, really. Hence the radio silence on the blog last week. But I was eager and anxious to get back to it. I missed writing my weekly post, which I think is a really good sign! I am working through several projects these days, including a big one. I'll keep you posted on that, but will keep it a mystery for now...

The photo on the right is a Lady Sunnyside by Tanis in Yellow Label. The colour is Dove and is so ooo pretty! It's quite hard to picture, especially with this early evening light. A nice grey with hints of purple, pink and blue. The pattern construction is amazing. Very ingenious! But I tucked it away for a while because I was bummed that my sleeve was too big.

My friend Emilie picked it up last night and I knew it was silly not to finish it, since I only have the sleeves left to do.
Lady Sunnyside by Tanis Lavallee

This morning, it was really foggy and I could hear the boat sirens. I love that about the town I live in. I hear both trains and boats and it feels so old. So anyway, the fog outside and all those lavender knits seemed to play each other off real well. 

Inspired by KnittedBliss, who sometimes shares outtakes, I'll leave you with pictures of Hubert the dog and I.

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