dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Turning old WIPs into FOs!

I sometimes wonder if I have an ADHD knitting disorder. My attention span can be pretty short with some projects. Or maybe I just get bored easily... 

This  is where I usually just throw the piece in a basket, bag or whatever device used to store WIPs and cast on something else. Classic polygamous knitter's move!

The downside is, of course, that if you repeat this little pattern on a regular basis, you end up with loads of UFOs in your living room.

The upside is, every once in a while, you can search for those UFOs and get the satisfaction of quickly finishing a project that is well under way.

In the past few weeks, I was able to retrieve three scarves / shawls and get to the blocking point. Voilà :
Delovely shawlette by Clara Beauty
The yarns I used are both Julie Asselin. The green one is Fino in the Henry colourway. A soft and squishy merino, cashmere, silk blend.
The multicoloured purple one is Piccolo in the Nebula colourway. A sock yarn that works very well for shawls too. Project page here

Spectra by Stephen West
This is the perfect pattern to showcase a nice gradient colour or like in this case, a long coloured striped yarn. The one I used is Lang Mille Coloris paired with a neutral Heritage sock yarn. I have a lot of the Mille Coloris left, so I might weight it to see if I can produce another one. Project page here.

The short rows are very easy to memorize, which makes this a good project to carry around. A few rows = 1 wedge.

Sweet November Knit Shawl by Caryl Pierre
I was inspired by SpiderWomanKnits (she has some beautiful projects there!) when I decided to cast on this shawl. I can't remember if it was last year or two years ago! Poor little brain.
I'm super happy with the result and would now like one in linen as well.

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