mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Westy fever!

Zoée and I are quite fond of Stephen West's patterns. He is bold and ingenious in his designs. They keep you interested throughout the whole process with colours, textures, construction and techniques.

Two weeks ago, I decided to follow her tracks and we started this mini-kal when I joined her for an Exploration Station. It's almost done now and I just have to push through the last section of Chevrons Shenanigans! - my boyfriend's all time favourite word in english! ;)

We then started talking about using our leftovers for a Parachutey. So we brought our stash yarn to the store and went through the colours to pick an ensemble. Mine was pretty rainbowy, whereas Zoée's was more subdued.
Zoée shared our stashes
As you can see on my project page, I mostly used Julie Asselin yarn, all leftovers from various projects! I'm so glad I was able to do some stashbusting.
Parachutey by Stephen West
But, the front panel weights only 65 g, so I still have a lot left! The only yarn I purchased, was the Baby Alpaca Lace in a creamy colour, and used about 40 g. This tank is super light and airy!
I think this is one of my favourite knit to date! I might need one in a solid colour...

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