lundi 27 juillet 2015

Westy fever : the sequel!

You know I mentionned last week that my Exploration Station was almost done, but for the chevrons?

Well, I figured the smart thing to do was to bring only this project in my bag to work on Friday, so that I would push through and not cheat!

It was a success and I was able to block it during the weekend. I am now the proud owner of this giant shawl (almost blanket big!) : 
Exploration Station by Stephen West
The process was great. A little long at times, but the stitch patterns evolved steadily. I'm happy to say that I used only stash yarn for this one. I'm on a roll baby!

This is the highlight of this FO. I love each and every one of these colours! Let's look at them up close...
 We have some Riverside Studio MCN in this deep semisolid yellow...
A rich grapey purple from Cephalopod Yarns...
 A soft Sand Dune beige with a beautiful halo of alpaca...
And last, but not least, Poivre colour by Julie Asselin.

Can't wait to wear this shawl when the weather cools down!

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