dimanche 14 février 2016

Fair Isle addict

Hi, my name is Geneviève, and I'm a Fair Isle addict. 
You wannna make sure I stay up way too late and refuse to go to bed? Put some colourwork in my project and I'm good to go for hours. It just keeps my mind focused and interested for longer. 
This is how I recently finished my first Strokkur. Pattern by Ysolda, that I believe I'll knit again.

I say finished, because it had been sitting on a pile of WIPs for months. The body and a bit of the sleeves we're done, so a few weeks ago, I picked up the sleeves back on my needles and knitted them while chatting with students and customers. I then attached the sleeves and the body together and enjoyed a sweet colourwork ride!
Even pre blocking, I was pretty amazed with how well it fitted. The construction of the pattern is so perfect, that I'm currently using it as a canvas for an Afmaeli sweater.
The cute little hat I'm also wearing here, is by the very talented Trin Annelie. People who spend all their free time browsing Ravelry like I do, probably stumbled upon her projects quite a few times. I know I like to see what she's up to, since she has impeccable taste! Well, this her first design. So I felt compelled to give it a try. 

I'm glad I did. The pattern is both fun and of quality. It offers a few sizes and two lenghts. I chose small and beanie. But I might try the slouchier version soon.

Speaking of quick colourwork hat, I also knit this one in January. 
It's a cute little tam, made out of Noro Silk Garden with Galway Worsted. I like how it's subtle and soft. The pattern includes three different charts, and it's free on Knitty, so you can play with colours to your heart's content!

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