mercredi 24 février 2016

Amazing Technicolor Dreamsweater

This sweater is awesome! It was a blast to empty my bin of scrap yarn in a carry bag and just knit this piece, adding on to it little by little. I used this formula proposed by Stephen West where you just carry a colour and add another and so on, switching a yarn at a time.
I'm glad I was able to use those leftovers of faux fair isle sock yarn, combined with neutrals, to achieve (surprisingly) a very interesting variegated effect... I also used some lace weight, mostly the Baby Alpaca from Luxury Diamond, which made it soft and with a a nice halo in some spots.
You can see I'm a really big fan of Stephen West, since I was also wearing my Syncopation Adoration Hat and my Spectra Scarf that day! What sort of an addict am I?!
This, again, was a sort of mini-kal with my friend Zoée, but get this, she is making not just one for herself, but also one for her 3 1/2 years old! How cute! We'll try to take a group photo when ready and post it here... 

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