lundi 14 mars 2016

Driftwood - Finally!

Every once in a while, I go around the bags of WIPs laying around the living room and pick something to finish. Maybe not nearly enough to actually empty the room, but it helps. I think.
Last month it was my Driftwood. I had the stripes of the body and some of the sleeves done.
It's Isabell Kraemer's Refined version, like the one she's wearing here
Link to pattern here
It uses Sport weight instead of Worsted, so I cast on for the M to get a S size. And I pretty much followed the pattern like that, changing the long sleeves for 3/4, since I was running out of yarn. I even had to finish it off in ribbing with Holst Supersoft doubled with alpaca lace. It doesn't really show and it's soft!
I so much like the texture of this yarn. It's wooly and light. Some people would probably find it itchy, but not me. I could wear this all day, every day.
And I'm not always into blues, but I think this particular colourway is very pretty!

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