vendredi 5 février 2016

Penguono Love

I'm speechless... is that allowed? Can one admit to being beyond words when faced with their own knit?
 Let's just say I'm more than happy with the end result of my Penguono. Pattern is by Mr West, of course.
It's just so cool that it cost 0$ and that I actually used teeny tiny balls of yarn. Combining lace, fingering, sport, dk and worsted to achieve a dk/worsted size on 5 mm, I used stash yarn exclusively.
This is a very relaxing project, with lots of garter and a little bit of seed stitch. It's fun to see the colours come together. I had my doubts at time, but I pushed through and I think it worked very well in the end.

I particularly like this cardigan worn upside down, with the long panels of stripes in the front and the collar rounding the bum.
This makes me want to cast on an Amazing Technicolor Dreamsweater with all the fingering leftovers!

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  1. Wow this looks great! I'm hoping to get my mum to knit me one of these (I can't knit much to my sadness)... Do you know what size you knitted? Many thanks, Claire