dimanche 24 janvier 2016

Soft hues

If I keep at it, I'll have a very decent collection of Stephen West designs. They're my go to in terms of shawls and funky garments patterns. 

That being said, the two shawls featured today, although they are both Westy designs, feel very romantic in colours. 
Yep. This time around, I was in the mood for soft hues and more subdued combo.

I started the Fringed! first, somewhere before Christmas, and had it done during the holidays, but procrastinated when it came to adding fringes. I recommended this pattern to a customer who is fairly new at knitting, telling her that it was mostly garter with a few eyelets. She finished it pretty quickly and one day, just put ALL of her fringes. I was jealous. I picked up mine and just finished the whole thing. So voilà!

I think it's lovely. I'm happy with how the colours of the different yarns play together. As I stated on my Ravelry project page here, there were two skeins I was hoarding, because I valued them too much to do a small utilitary accessory. I was waiting for the perfect project to pop in my mind that would make them shine. And I think I hit it.

The Daybreak was knitted for a slightly similar reason. I wanted to feature the beautiful Kibou (by Noro) we had received in the shop and was looking for something neutral to tone it down a notch. Sylvan Spirit by Green Moutain Spinnery did just that. Plus the weight, the gauge, the texture, they were all a perfect match.

These will surely get a lot of wear! Both indoor and out.

So? Still think Stephen West is too funky for your style? ;)

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