dimanche 10 janvier 2016


I first spotted this sweater on UandIKnit Instagram feed, when she announced the testing period. She soon released it after that and I was really excited to cast on!
I chose to combined Green Moutain Spinnery Sylvan Spirit in Antique Brass with some Baby Kid Extra in a matching green that was discontinued and laying around the shop. I knew it would exceed the gauge, so I picked the XS size and carried on.
As some other Raveller stated, this design is basically a long yoke with very little body. For me, who have a yoke syndrom (and I think I yet have to blog about that pathology), this is the perfect project. The increases go on for ever, along with the central panel, so it's virtually impossible to get bored. 

I decided not to do any pockets to prevent extra bagginess around the belly. Glad I did that, as it's already heavy with fabric.
As you can see from the creases, this garment is getting a lot of wear! It's so just so crazy comfy... with a tank underneath or a lovely striped long sleeves tee, it's the perfect layering piece. I wanted to have a little mohair to get that soft halo from Josée's picture.

But then, I feel very much inclined to knit a wooly version also. So many designs to knit, so little time.

More on this project in my Ravelry project right here.

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