jeudi 22 septembre 2016

Dotted Rays

 Here is the most recent addition to my shawl collection. Dotted Rays by Stephen West.
I felt urged to cast on for the #dottedrayskal by Stephen West in July, but didn't make it to the deadline in time. Other wips got in the way. I picked it up again in early September and added the three last wedges. 
Perfect for TV binge watching, as it's easy peasy garter stitch all the way. I knit this all from stash yarn and didn't bother too much with my sequencing and pairing of colours. My logic was more of a "make the most of that little ball of yarn". So I organized my stash from small amount to larger (but all leftovers) and used the tiny bits for the thin holey stripes. 
Can you tell I had fun during the photoshoot? The light, the colours and my black tunic played together so well. They are my favourite FO shots to date!
One of the things I love about this shawl, like all stash busting project, is that there is a memory attached to each little pieces of yarn. Together, they tell a story of past knitting. 

It contains about 220 g of yarn, but knit on 4,5 mm, it is light and drapey. I still have some more leftovers to play with, but I did finish a fair amount too. What will be next in the stash busting word of knitting? We'll see!

More pictures and details here

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