lundi 19 septembre 2016

First Handpsun Sweater

Lots of knitting since my last post, but not so many FOs to share. I should really take the time to document my process as well. 

But here we go. I have a new sweater to wear and it's half made of a yarn I spun myself! Yeah!
The roving I used was a Manos del Uruguay merino hand dyed. It came out my Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel looking like this : 
Pretty much a Sport/DK weight, as I explain on my project page. I decided to stripe it with Silky Wool and make myself a simple boxy, cropped sweater with dropped shoulders.  
It was fairly easy to produce and was pretty fast to knit on 5 mm needles too.  I wanted something smooth and light, and it worked well! It weights like nothing and is very comfortable! The only thing I would change, is maybe making it a bit longer. But that would be easy to achieve even now. 
The handspun colour is beautiful and created a nice gradient effect in some places, which made me super thrilled!
What a joy to be able to wear your handpsun... It makes me want to do everything from scratch. Ah, the good use of time I would make if I didn't have two jobs! ;)

I have another skein of roving on the spinning wheel that I might use either for another sweater or a shawl...

And more FOs to come real soon too!

2 commentaires:

  1. Knitting the yarn you spun is a completely different feeling. When I see a beautiful project like this I feel the need to spin :)

    1. Ah! Thanks! It did make me feel super proud. I need to spin way more too. :)