lundi 26 septembre 2016


As one of the owner of a local yarn shop called Pompon Laine Café, I planned a KAL with my two fellow coop admin. We selected Justyna Lorkowska, because : 1. her designs are beautiful and inspiring, 2. the projects and difficulty levels have a large spectrum. 
It was only natural that I make my pick among the options of patterns to knit and, because we had some brand new Fino Simple by Julie Asselin, in the new Echo colourway, I chose Nogat. The designer had made it with Fino, but the only difference is plied vs one ply. It's a dream to knit with and to wear!
I alternated skeins every other rows to prevent pooling and because my colours didn't match perfectly. 
Our window of time was between August 9th and September 17th, which was enough to knit a fingering weight sweater (if properly motivated!). I found that the combination of lace, cables and garter really helped me to get through the knitting, which is something I should keep in mind for future projects!
I pretty much followed the pattern, but made my sleeves 3/4, as I usually do, and did less repeats of the body pattern. 
I like the deep neckline and the pretty details in front. I'm also glad I did the short rows in the back, they make the sweater sit nicely around the bum. It is not a complicated sweater. I had the chart memorized after one or two repeats.
I can't believe this is the first knitted piece I own by Letesknits! I should really get more as I love her style and follow her with great pleasure.

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