dimanche 13 septembre 2015

Gradient Stripe Study

Today, as I'm taking some time off, I'm treating myself with some bloggin'... Twice this week!

It always feels like a reward. Like I get to chat about my FO as soon as it's off the needles and dried (if blocked, wich is often the case).

The rain was not going to rain on my parade today, as I was intent on taking some decent pictures of my brand new shawl.
The pattern is Stripe Study from Veera Välimäki. We have Zoée's in store, made out of Nanos by Julie Asselin, and it's very popular with the clients. I decided it was time I cast on one for myself, with one of the Julie Asselin Leizu Fingering Gradient Sets pairing it with Piccolo in Parchemin.
I had to redo part of the first few stripes, as I figured I would run out of yarn too soon if I didn't use most of the lighter colours. In the end, I used most of the lighter and darker pinks, and every bit of the others in between.

When I soaked my shawl, I used lots of salt and vinegar to make sure the colours didn't bleed. It worked fine. Phew!

I can't resist it when one of my pets sneak up on one of my pics. Look at those blurry paws in the back!

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