dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Opera Tee

I was very monogamous with my knitting this week, as I cast on and cast off my Opera Tee
The pattern is the latest from La Maison Rililie and it's called  DrawingStraws, since you can take your pick between short or 3/4 sleeves. I opted for the tee-shirt kind, because I figured that's what my wardrobe is missing. 
Also, it was a safe bet because I wanted to use a single skein of Julie Asselin Milis in the Opera colour (hence the t-shirt name!).  That colourway is beautiful and looks very good with my other yarn choices : Handmaiden Lino in Crema and a soft pink Baby Alpaca Lace. I held the two strands of lace together to achieve the sport weight gauge and it worked well! I felt a little bad about using the splendid Lino alongside another yarn, since it's such a beauty on its own. But then again it gave me the perfect drape and you can still see the sheen of the silk, combined with the raw feeling of linen. Enough chatter about these yarns, but let's have a look up close...
I love the slightly variegated effect it brings to the piece!
Another winner from Rililie.

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